Top 11 Sad Tiktok Songs That Will Make You Cry

Sad TikTok songs have been going viral on the app for a few years now. At first, it was purely videos going viral, and the song attached to it would go viral because of it.

However, recently, there has been a trend of people making videos set to Sad TikTok songs, and the songs themselves are becoming hits. This is an excellent marketing tool for musicians, as it allows them to reach a wider audience and get their music out there.

Sad Tiktok songs have a way of resonating with us on a much deeper level than most other genres of music. There’s something about the raw emotion that comes through in these songs that just connects with us on a different level. There are a few Sad TikTok songs that have become extremely popular, and they are all listed below.

If you are looking for Sad TikTok songs to listen to, then this is the perfect place

1. Surrender By Natalie Taylor

Natalie earned a lot of exposure through her song “Surrender” being featured on the site because it was linked with several viral videos. Aside from that, the music’s overall quality is great, with many lovely aural characteristics.

The album does a fantastic job at evoking emotion and can really get under your skin. The song is already on many new fans’ playlists, and many online commentators believe it belongs in the category of the saddest TikTok songs you’ll ever hear.

2. You Were Good To Me By Jeremy Zucker & Chelsea Cutler

“You Were Good To Me,” which begins with a sombre piano and loads of anguish in the lyrics, has a poignant message. The music includes a lot of white space, allowing each note to ring out fully.

The album swings through many different waves, and despite the melancholy lyrics, it’s a wonderful tune. TikTok videos that go viral are usually very relatable, and the substance of this song may have contributed to its success on the platform.

3. Before You Go By Lewis Capaldi

Aside from the fact that it became popular on TikTok, this song was already a good one. Lewis’ work on “Before You Go” is excellent, and many admirers like the power in his voice.

It’s easy to see why the song has been shared so much on social media thanks to the realistic lyrics and uplifting sound. If you enjoy loud voices and an even more powerful chorus, you should certainly check out this song.

4. Say Something By A Great Big World & Christina Aguilera

“Say Something” is a record that communicates a lot of genuine emotion and has a lot of timeless features that give it a lot of repeat potential. Christina Aguilera’s backing vocals make it even better while complementing the overall dynamics.

It has a powerful, genuine message, and it has been utilised in a plethora of related videos. Despite the fact that this song was released in the early 2010s, it is currently considered one of the saddest TikTok songs available.

5. To Build A Home By The Cinematic Orchestra

Our is by probably one of the saddest TikTok songs on this list, since the music conjures up images of coping with love and having to realise that that person may one day be gone. It’s a difficult song to get through, but the production quality is stunning, and it’s well worth your time.

It’s a fantastic song to share with someone or to think about on your own every now and then. It’s obvious that “To Build A Home” is a classic that will never go out of style.

6. Can We Kiss Forever? By Kina (Feat. Adriana Proenza)

The production on this album is light and breezy, with current percussion and synth components. The vocals are laid-back, and they appear to be arranged more to compliment the instrumental than anything else.

This song’s music is so soothing that no vocals are required to have the same effect. “Can We Kiss Forever” has been making the rounds on TikTok for a while and will continue to do so since the song is catchy.

7. Losin Control By Russ 

Russ is a multi-talented musician with a great vocal range who tends to wow. He is an independent artist who has spent years creating his own sound and establishing a dedicated fan base. He also writes and produces a lot of his own music, customising the sound to match his taste.

Russ’ voice are incredibly genuine, and “Losin Control” is completely soothing with minimum production components. The melody is basic yet carries throughout the song as a soothing synth pad, and the lyrical substance resonates with many listeners, which is one of the reasons the song became so popular.

8. Keep Your Head Up Princess Anson Seabra

With “Keep Your Head Up,” Anson created a lovely record, and because to the sympathetic vocals, it rapidly became one of the saddest songs you’ll hear on a regular basis through TikTok videos. Apart from his words, the piano is well balanced and does not come off as excessively powerful or harsh.

These kinds of songs appeal to people from all walks of life, and Anson has earned a lot of new admirers as a result of the song’s success on social media. If you haven’t yet heard the album, give yourself a treat and listen to Anson’s unique vision.

9. Dancing On My Own By Calum Scott

“Dancing On My Own” has an encouraging yet tragic tone to it, and it talks to feelings of loneliness and lost love, both of which are quite typical for many people. Although the song has a bleak tone to it, the dynamics development offers a sense of comfort and warmth to it.

Calum Scott’s vocals are powerful, and the production value was spot on with the reverberation. It’s not overpowering, but it does have a live venue sound to it for a more real feel.

10. This City By Sam Fischer

With a combination of pop and slow jam components, Sam Fischer combines sonics masterfully with gently hit guitar notes. All of the equipment is there to back the message, and the record provides enough of room for Sam to carry the melodies.

This song is great for introspection, and many people think it stands up to the rest of the saddest TikTok songs that have been trending recently. Sam Fischer did an excellent job of creating a song that will resonate with people all throughout the world, with many shared features.

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