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Meray Paas Tum Ho Title Song

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Meray Paas Tum Ho title Song
Staring:Humayun Saeed, Adnan Siddiqui and Ayeza Khan
Music Director(s): 
Singer(s):Rahet Fateh Ali Khan

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Mere Paas Tum Ho (2019) Mp3 Song

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Meray Paas Tum Ho (2019) Song Download & Synopsis

Unlimited Musik Presents Most Romantic and Very Popular Drama Serial “ Meray Paas Tum Ho” Title Song. Meray Paas Tum Ho is very popular around the world. This Drama is Upon on Fully Dramatic Romantic and Depend on Practical Life. This Romantic Song Sung by Most Popular Singer Rahet Fateh Ali Khan. Composer of this Song Naveed Naushad. Lyrics of this Track are written by Khalil ur Rehman Qamar.

Mere Paas Tum Ho is a 2019 Pakistani romantic-drama television series, produced by Humayun Saeed and Shahzad Nasib. It is directed by Nadeem Baig and the Story is  written by Khalil-ur-Rehman Qamar. It features Humayun Saeed, Adnan Siddiqui and Ayeza Khan in lead roles. This Serial aired on ARY Digital.

Mere Paas Tum Ho  has created many rating records. Its Episode 1 and 3 got 10.9 TRPs and 15.5 TRPs, which is the 2nd highest ever first and highest ever third episode ratings while Episode 14 and 15 got 18.8 TRPs, which is the 3rd highest ratings of any TV program of Pakistan as well as 3rd highest ratings of any TV program in 2019. Episode 16 and 17 got 22.6 and 24.9 TRPs, which is the 2nd highest and highest ratings of any TV program of Pakistan as well as the 2nd highest and highest ratings of any TV program in 2019.

Danish (Humayun Saeed) is a simple man with high moral values. He works as a government officer and earns Rs 48,400 monthly. His whole world revolves around his wife Mehwish (Ayeza Khan) and son Roomi. He loves them immensely. Even though he doesn’t earn much, he tries to give them all the happiness in the world. On the other hand, Mehwish keeps coming up with wishes that she knows her husband will go to any extent to fulfil. Her desires are influenced by her best friend Anoushey (Mehar Bano), who keeps reminding Mehwish on how much she is missing out on in life just because she married Danish. Even though Mehwish is an ideal housewife, who supports her husband and takes care of their son, but she also emotionally manipulates Danish to find other ways to earn money. Mehwish sees a Necklace at a mall and demands that Danish purchases it for her. Eager to please the love of his life, Danish decides to take the shortcut and use his position as a government officer to earn some extra cash via corruption. At first, Danish is afraid, but after witnessing how easily his boss gets away with bribery, Danish is now determined to take the risk to provide his family with all the luxuries. He gets a right start at this wrong path and finally buys the much-hyped necklace for Mehwish. However, when he arrives home, Danish finds out that Mehwish and Rumi have gone shopping with Mehwish’s best friend, Anoushey. Where Mehwish is mature and understands the financial situation of her family, she is also under continuous peer pressure whenever she is with Anoushey. She borrows money from Anoushey to purchase the exact same necklace without knowing that Danish has already bought it for her. After indulging in shopping, Mehwish and Anoushey go to a restaurant for lunch, where we are introduced to Anoushey’s brother’s boss, Shehwar Ahmad (Adnan Siddiqui).

Shehwar Ahmed is a successful businessman and Anoushey’s family friend. However, his marriage life is unsuccessful. His wife lives in the US due to their marital issues and Shehwar is free to flirt and date whomever he pleases. Shehwar and Mehwish meet for the first time at the restaurant and Shehwar couldn’t help but praise Mehwish’s beauty. She goes home and tells Danish about the necklace. Danish is disheartened, however, he does not tell Mehwish about the necklace that he bought. Instead, he gives Mehwish money to give back to Anoushey. Later that evening, Danish and Mehwish attend Anoushey’s brother’s Mehndi function, where Shehwar is also attending as a guest. Danish instantly notices Shehwar’s lustrous gaze on his wife and feels uncomfortable. Shehwar asks Mehwish for a dance. Mehwish is flatter but kindly refuses. Danish sees the two talking and feels upset. He asks Mehwish to dance with him and she agrees after resisting at first. Shehwar asks Anoushey to go over and dance with Danish so that he could manipulate Mehwish into dancing with him. He uses this time to corrupt her thoughts by saying that a woman of her beauty and grace deserves much better than Danish. Danish sees Shehwar holding Mehwish close while dancing and is instantly furious. He tells Mehwish that they need to leave immediately and they head home without having eaten dinner. Once they reach home, Mehwish fights with Danish and asks him what is wrong with dancing. He tells her how disheartening it was for him to see another man holding his wife. He tells her that instead of being angry, she should feel ashamed. Mehwish feels insulted that her husband could be so insecure. Danish apologies and admits that his love for her makes him possessive and that he would go to any extent to keep Mehwish to himself. He also tells her that Mehwish should not worry about how others see her, but rather how her husband sees her.

Danish leaves to bring food, as they left the event without eating. Frazzled by what happened at the Mehndi, Danish is almost hit by a car, whose driver turns out to be Shehwar. He senses Danish’s unease and offers to give him a ride home. Danish refuses and returns home without the food and goes to sleep. The next day Mehwish and Roomi go shopping and accept a ride from their neighbour, Monty. Monty has eyes for Mehwish, but she doesn’t see it that way. Danish is aware of this and does his best to protect his wife from the gaze of other men. Monty flirts with Mehwish in the car and tells her that she and Danish don’t belong together. Danish finds out that Mehwish is in the car with Monty and leaves work to confront Monty. The two men get into an altercation. Danish arrives home bleeding and Mehwish argues that Danish is at fault, when Danish argues that Mehwish is blind to how men ogle at her and try to get close to her. Mehwish promises to be careful next time. Danish encourages Mehwish to attend Anoushey’s brother’s wedding without him, as he doesn’t want to be seen with his bruised face, but much to Mehwish’s surprise, he ends up attending the wedding and befriends Shehwar. Later, Shehwar drives them home and invites their family to his house for dinner, which they accept. The following day Shehwar calls Mehwish, saying that he has perhaps mistaken her number with Danish’s and flirts with her, praising her beauty and her voice.

Danish is offered a bribe of 10 lakh at work and is made to take the money home to think about it for a day or two. Danish understands the weight of this decision – taking the money goes against his morals and those that he was taught by his father. However, he also believes that he will never be able to afford the fine things in life or even the necessities if he does not venture on this path. He discusses the situation with Mehwish, his emotional turmoil visible, but ultimately decides to take the bribe. Danish and Mehwish discuss their plans about the 10 lakhs that have come their way. Planning on buying a new car, new clothes and so forth, Danish expresses his disbelief that this money belongs to him. He goes so far as to approach Monty, despite their street brawl, and offers to buy his car. While Monty does not believe him and asks where he got the money, insinuating that Mehwish is “working,” triggering Danish, who leaves in anger. The next morning when Monty approaches him, he says he will not buy the car from him and asks him to leave. Mehwish, on the other hand, starts talking to Shehwaar on the phone on a daily basis when Danish leaves for the office. Shehwar leaves no stone unturned to flirt with Mehwish and make her feel as though he only has eyes for her.

At work, Danish has a run-in with his boss when he is expected to sign off on paperwork that is unethical. He returns the money, unable to compromise on his ethics. That night, the two (plus Roomi) visit Shahwaar for dinner, where Shahwaar takes any moment with Danish not in the room to flirt with Mehwish. He has one on one discussions with her in the hall, telling her that any man would feel as though he needs nothing else if he had her. Later, before the two leave, Shehwar gifts Mehwish a necklace and asks Danish to put it on her. After returning home Danish begins to notice the change in his wife, pointing out that Mehwish used to complain when men leered at her and yet, she doesn’t even notice Shehwar’s inappropriate stares. Mehwish brushes it off, but it’s clear that she is taken in and impressed by Shehwar’s wealth and charisma. It also becomes clear that she enjoys the attention, something even Danish begins to realize. While Danish works, Shehwar drops by his home and visits Mehwish (though he does not come in). Their daily conversations continue, Shehwar becomes bold with his declarations towards Mehwish and offers Mehwish a job in his office with a monthly income of Rs 1 lakh.

Danish arrives home and the watchman at the gate tells him that Shehwar came to the building, asking for Danish’s apartment number. Danish confronts Mehwish and she denies it at first, then admits that she lied in fear of Danish’s anger. Danish forgives her but insists that they return Shehwar’s expensive gifts back to him. After Danish leaves to return the gifts, Mehwish calls Shehwar to give him a heads-up and Shehwar assures her that he can handle Danish. Once Danish arrives, Shehwar pacifies him by discussing his own loneliness and the joy he receives in their company. He sways Danish to the extent that Danish agrees to allow Mehwish to work for Shehwar.

Once at the office, Shehwar and Mehwish seem to begin their affair, something that they now have more freedom to carry out. Danish is the only one in this situation who is getting affected emotionally and physically. He is unable to focus on his work as he keeps thinking about Mehwish and Shehwar. He knows that he gave Mehwish permission to work for Shehwar, yet his heart is telling him that something wrong with his wife’s boss is showering her with a new car, a driver and advanced salary. Mehwish is flying high thinking that’s all she deserves. She starts comparing Shehwar with Danish and thinks about all the stuff she’s missed out so far. Slowly, she begins †o neglect her family and doesn’t attend her son’s first day of school. Shehwar insists that he cannot spend a day in the office without Mehwish’s presence. Shehwar tricks Mehwish into attending a business trip with him to Islamabad. Mehwish does not tell Danish about the trip and believes she will be back home before Danish realises. She tells Danish that she needs to work late and Shehwar assures her that she will be back home before 9:00 pm. As luck would have it, their return flight gets delayed due to a storm and the audience sees a startled Mehwish, who is laying in bed at a hotel. She panics at first but Shehwar reassures her that they will get the next immediate flight out. They return at 10:30 instead of 9 pm, by which time Danish has discovered that Shehwar is in Islamabad. Sensing the worst, he rushes to the airport, and his fears are confirmed when he sees his wife and Shehwar arriving together. Danish takes Mehwish home on his bike and she asks him to stop so they can talk.

She asks him if he will beat her for lying to him, to which he replies that it was just a mistake and that there was nothing to worry about, even though he has tears running from his eyes. He realises what she has done but he forgives her, and simply prohibits her from returning to work the next day. The next day, Shehwar comes to the office and is surprised to hear that Mehwish has not come to work. After the airport incident, Danish tries his best to return to the way things were before but Mehwish is distracted with the thoughts of Shehwar. It is revealed through a flashback in the hotel room that Shehwar is influencing her thoughts and more directly pushing her to make the decision of choosing life with him. Mehwish knocks on his room and declares she is ready to “get off at the next stop..” confirming that she is more than considering leaving Danish. This scene also implies that the relationship turned physical which Shehwar had planned it all along. After an evening out, Mehwish creates an argument with Danish, even though he tells her that he does not think bad of her and that he would like to move on from this incident. He swears at Shehwar and says he has ill intentions towards her boss. Mehwish immediately asks him to not swear at Shehwar and also that if Danish is over the incident then let her go back to the office which he refuses straight away. Mehwish declares that she is tired of their relationship and she wants nothing to do with Danish anymore. Danish seems to convince her the next day to calm down but as soon as he leaves for work she is on the phone to Shehwar. He asks her if she trusts him and that he will handle what needs to be done. He tells Mehwish to keep pushing separation from Danish and ask for a divorce.

Danish borrow money from his boss and gathers the things gifted to Mehwish by Shehwar. As he is reaching Shehwar’s office, Mehwish is on the phone and warns Shehwar in advance. Shehwar makes Danish wait in reception for a while as a show of authority. He tells Mehwish to pack her bags as he will ensure Danish divorces her tonight. Mehwish is concerned that he won’t, but Shehwar tells her that Danish will divorce her. Danish is called in and tells him why he has come, he begins to return the advanced payment as well as the necklace. Shehwar starts to discuss the matter more directly and asks Danish why is he holding on to Mehwish if he can see that she wants to leave.

To further confirm this, he shows Danish the images of Mehwish in the hotel with him posing and wearing the infamous pink nighty. Danish is horrified and shocked, to add further the insult Shehwar also replays the recording of both speaking about he will convince Danish to divorce her. Danish visibly upset and speechless is then offered RS50 million to divorce her. Danish refuses the money and states that once a woman is bought, her value is worth nothing. Following an accident on his bike, Danish arrives home in bandages with the help of Monty. Mehwish shows no concern and Danish asks her to make a cup of tea. Shehwar calls Danish to ask him when he should come past their house to take Mehwish back with him. Danish says to come later in the evening, at a time when his son is asleep. Danish confronts Mehwish and tells her that he knows everything. He tells her that he went to Shehwar to save their love, but in the end, he barely managed to save their respect. He tells her that he saw the picture Shehwar took of her and that he can see that she is happy for once. She tells him to tell Roomi the truth after a few days as to not upset him if they ever cross paths randomly. Danish tells her to start packing but then asks if she is able to stay the night and leave in the morning instead when he is at work and their child is at school to which she agrees after consulting Shehwar. Mehwish asks Danish what deal he has done to for the divorce if he has taken money. Danish tells her he was offered the 50 million but refused it. He states that he never thought she would be sold so easy out on the street to which she states that he can do so much with that money. Danish says the money would never equal the peace and joy he had when he would come home from work to see her. Through a flashback at the office, Danish questions Shehwar about the thinking behind a woman who cheats. Also asking about how easy it was for Mehwish to visit the hotel with him, he tells Shehwar he has decided that he is letting go of Mehwish and he can collect her later that night. Shehwar is slightly confused about how direct and easy it was. Shehwar advises him to not hold on to a woman who is trying to leave as she has already left in her mind. This is repeated to Mehwish by Danish.

Speaking to Shehwar on the phone as Danish has gone for food, Mehwish discusses what has happened. Mehwish tells him that he has gone to get a cake to celebrate their wedding anniversary, Shehwar is amused and suggests that Danish has lost his mind. After bringing the food, he asks her to light the candles as he changes into clean clothes. Mehwish notices blood on her fingers which is Danish as his arm is bleeding, he cleans the wound himself. After lighting the candles he and her both blow the candles and Danish wishes her a long healthy life. Mehwish notices more blood on his arm and says she will bandage it but Danish refuses and says she has inflicted enough pain on him he can manage. Mehwish rings Shehwar again and explains what has happened then pleads with him to come collect her. Shehwar suggest he ask herself to which Danish laughs that he must he restless without her.He tells her he was the same when Shehwar took her to Islamabad for the night but at least she was her wife at the time. Danish tells her to ring him but as she is about to walk he away he says no need to go away and do it as there is no secrets between them anymore. He then hands her the divorce papers as she looks on with slight surprise. He starts to clean up but as she is trying to help him he tells her not to as he will be doing it from now on anyways. He tells her that he might be poor but he’s not dirty. Shehwar arrives and is seated as Danish goes to make tea, Mehwish and him exchange glances as there is awkward silence. Danish makes the tea after Mehwish tries but says he never wants to drink from her hand ever again. Danish starts talking about how when they did love each other, he felt 6 ft plus. Since this event he hasn’t felt smaller as a person, he tells how the love of a woman can make a man feel invincible but when she’s no longer interested the man feels turned away from God. Shehwar says times have changed and nowadays women do move on and regret the past and that they ever did love. He also further suggests a man should help pave the way such as Danish has done to help the woman move on. Danish says he has done exactly that by granting her divorce. Shehwar responds in glee that its great he has but Danish asks him to not call something like divorce great. He further embarrasses Shehwar by saying stealing from a broken home is not remotely great, Mehwish herself appears highly embarrassed. She says she will get things from her room but Danish forbids her and says her right for doing so was given away when he handed her the divorce papers. He goes and gets her luggage and says if they have finished their tea they can leave. Mehwish appears dejected and almost in a state of disbelief as she walks towards the door. As Danish and him shake hands, Danish says to Shehwar that he is surprised by looking at him as a businessman with all his charisma and told him he was an idiot to offer that much money for 2 but worthless woman. Mehwish is stunned hearing this and Shehwar is left speechless. They both make their way to the car as Danish lays next to Roomi with tears in his eyes. Shehwar and Mehwish look at each other in the car with only a slight smile, both still bemused as to what has happened.

Few months have passed and Danish is sat with Mateen sahab discussing his intention to become a millionaire businessman, explaining how anything like loyalty, love and friendship can be bought. Danish also tells him how Roomi has slowly stopped asking about his mother and asked to be sent to a boarding school. He receives a letter from Roomi’s headteachers asking for him to come in. As he is speaking to the headteacher she explains how Roomi is distant and failing in his grades. His teacher Ms Hania arrives and also states how she feels that he is not suited to the school as his classmates feel in danger from him. Danish explains something has happened which is the reason for his lack of interest and involvement. After both teachers agree to allow more time so Danish can speak to him, Ms Hania asks about his mother to which Danish angry states she has divorced him and left the country. Apologising for the outburst he explains that he will speak to Roomi and he will improve. Speaking to Roomi he explains how the loss is more for him and that she is still his mother. Roomi tells him that he does not want to he his fathers weakness and says if a mother leaves she isn’t a mother either. At work Danish receives a promotion with a higher pay grade and is congratulated by Mateen. During lunch he explains how he is selling his apartment to start himself off in business and his intention to quit work so he can focus on business. Mateen sahab suggest that he does not rush into these things and for him to reconsider. At home Danish is upset after remembering how things used to be with Mehwish. She and Shehwar are both arriving back after a tour of Europe when she asks him when will they both marry. He laughs and responds that why spoil the good time they are having with thoughts of a lower class girl. He says they are both loving each other, if there is a need for marriage later they will. He then says that in marriage there is divorce but not when its love. Mehwish appears confused at this and slightly upset as Shehwar walks away. Danish meets Mateen sahab at a cafe where he says he has a buyer for his apartment. Mateen sahab again reiterates that he should hold on from quitting his job. He then tells him a time when he had a fall infront of his ex-wife who with her husband still.helped him. He asks her how she can still help him after the hurt he has given her she said to him that you feel sorry for the people who betray you, not hate. Mateen sahab upset at this then leaves where he has a heart attack in his car. Danish takes him to the hospital and calls his daughter from his mobile telling him what has happened. Sat waiting he see’s Roomi teacher Ms Hania run into the hospital and realises she is Mateen sahab’s daughter. The doctor comes to Danish and says he has passed away, Hania falls to the floor crying.

Danish sits thinking about Mateen sahab and his last conversation as well as the funeral. The broker of the flat arrives and says he has been trying to contact him and that the buyer would like to make payment the next day. Danish asks him to delay it a few days with what has happened. Mehwish and Shehwar are sat having breakfast and she asks if he wouldn’t mind Roomi coming to stay on the weekends to which he replies it’s no problem. He tells her to call herself and arrange it then leaves for work. She calls and Hania answers, unaware that her late fathers and Danish phone was accidentally swapped. Mehwish asks for Danish and rudely speaks to her, Hania tells her to stop calling as it is not his number. She also receives a call from the broker who apologises for the mistake. Danish calls her and they realise that the phone was swapped so he says he will arrive shortly to drop it off. Just as he leaves the carpark, Mehwish arrives in a car after being advised by Shehwar to go herself and collect Roomi. The security for the apartments tells her she has just missed Danish, she says she will wait for him in the car. It is revealed that Danish has not told anyone about the divorce, instead just said that Mehwish and the kid are away due to work. She speaks to Shehwar who tells her that she should threaten legal action if Roomi isn’t with her by the weekend. Danish sisters and speaks to Hania sharing memories about her father. She tells him Roomi has improved in class and that his education is her responsibility. She says to him that she is curious to meet his ex wife, too see what a selfish unloving mother and wife looks like. Danish arrives and is shocked to see Mehwish in the car. She tries arguing in the carpark but he asks her into the flat as to not make a scene. He tells her he is happy for her to meet him etc but he will not allow him to go to Shehwar. He tells her he is at boarding and he is just about finally settled, if he says his mother with another man it will damage him. Mehwish ignores this and continues to argue that she will have him for the weekends. Danish again refuses so this time she threatens to take him to court where he will be disgraced. Danish snaps and shouts at her to get out. Speaking to a lawyer about his situation, he is advised against going to court due to the wealth and influence difference between him and Shehwar. He also says that a guy like Shehwar will not handle another mans child taking his attention away for too long so the situation will sort itself out rather than he lose in court. Shehwar receives a phone call and is told his shares have fell. Already angry at this he tells Mehwish that a threat alone is enough rather than go to court, he has no time to visit courts with her over this matter. He also says he only has weekends with her and wont if she has a child clung to her so she should just do day visits with him. He says to her he would rather her still look like a lover rather than a 50 year old woman with a child to which Mehwish appears shocked. Mehwish arrives at the boarding school where Roomi hides when he sees her. Speaking to the headteacher she also meets Ms Hania. She then realises it was her that she spoke to on the phone. After saying she will be taking Roomi out, the head asks for a letter of permission from his father as this is the first time meeting his mother. Angry at this she says Roomi will meet her showing that she is indeed his mother but the head says rules are rules. They can meet but cannot leave the school premises. She either has to get a letter from Danish or a court order.

Frustrated at not being able to take Roomi, she asks to meet him and Ms Hania goes to get him. Roomi refuses to meet her and says he does not want to see her anytime she comes. Mehwish is told this and explodes in anger, accusing the teachers of working with Danish against her. Hania tells her firmly that she needs to show respect to who she is talking to and that she only is repeating what Roomi told her, she cannot force him. Mehwish is then told by the head that she will not be allowed on the premises if she behaves in this manner. Hania calls Danish and tells him what has happened and tells him that a child should not be forced against his will. Danish then receives a call from Shehwar who gives him 2 days to ensure that Roomi meets his mum or else his lawyers will tear into him. Danish meets Roomi and tries to convince him to meet his mother or else he will face huge trouble from them, Roomi laughs and says to him that he is the weakness for him. These words take an affect on Danish who is conflicted about what to do. His mind is made up when he over hears a group of men who work for Shehwar, discussing the financial trouble and that he is spending all his money on a new girlfriend. He discusses his change of mind with both Hania and Roomi that he will be a man ot strength and character. After ringing Shehwar that he will discuss the matter face to face, Danish changes into a nice suit and cleans up his look. Arriving at the office, Shehwar has informed his secretary to keep him waiting for an hour but Danish expects this and walks in. Locking the door he approaches a surprised Shehwar and slaps him to the ground. Making his subordinates watch, Danish says he has come to discuss the matter as said before. Shehwar tries to threaten him and call the police but Danish slams him to the table and says he will do plenty of damage before the police come. Visibly scared, Shehwar pleads with him to let him go. Danish sits him down and says by the time his lawyers and goons get to him, he can disgrace Shehwar within minutes. He tells him you might have bought my ex wife but dont ever threaten me over my son. Danish says if he does try to get between them again, he will strip him down infront of the rest of his employees. After telling Shehwar workers that they can use this incident to their advantage as he will be too embarrassed to say or do anything before walking out.

Danish and Roomi are enjoying a day out at the zoo, they discuss how he beat Shehwar which makes Roomi happy and says how proud he is of him. He jokingly tells Danish to ask his teacher to marry him which Danish laughs off. Shehwar arrives at home and Mehwish is concerned as to why he is bleeding. After learning about the office incident she asks about what happened with the Roomi situation and Shehwar angrily tells her he wont meet her unless Roomi decides to himself. He shouts at her that because of his having to deal with situation he got beat up. She says dont hesitate on my behalf but Shehwar excuses it that if anything happens to Danish the suspicions will fall on them both. Roomi and Ms Hania sit and talk about him meeting his mother, she tries to convince him but Roomi falls silent then says he still does not want to. He blames Shehwar for what has happened but Hania quickly says it’s his mothers fault, she then changes the subject. She asks why does your father not marry and Roomi tells her he himself has found a girl but he wont agree. Mehwish still angry at Shehwar, she argues that he claimed his threat meant something. He thinks back to Danish threatening him but tells her to speak to Danish himself. He says he can get him killed for 30,000 rupees in Karachi if he wanted but is hesitant because of her. He lies to her and says he wont forgive him for what happened but she has to try herself first. Danish is moving out of his apartment as some neighbour’s discuss he is moving out because of his wife’s betrayal. Danish meets them all to say goodbye and makes up with Monty due to their past differences, Monty apologises for his actions in the past. Shehwar is informed that his shares have dropped further because of the 2 day strike at his chemical plant. During this he receives a call from Mehwish and angrily tells her to not disturb him. He tells his manager to increase the wages of staff to meet their demands and production to start immediately. Mehwish arrives at the apartment but is told Danish has sold up and left without telling anyone where he is going to. She rings and tells Shehwar who wrongly assumes Danish sold up because he was scared of him. Danish overhears the same group of men who work for Shehwar discussing the strike and the stock price drop. Shehwar sits drinking and is upset about the fall in profits from the strike and the wage increase. He says to her that they are both in a bad situation, his business and her not seeing her own son. She says she has left it in the hands of god but Shehwar mockingly tells her dont blame god for your own actions, he is never happy with a divorce seeking woman. He suggests they go to London for a week to which Mehwish says only after they marry, to avoid the conversation he says he is drunk and wants to sleep. Meanwhile Danish speaks to a old university friend who works as a stock broker and asks to meet him. They meet in the morning and discuss how Danish wants to make money by investing his money, he finally tells him about what has happened with Mehwish. He is adamant to only buying Shehwar chemical shares, telling his friend that Mehwish has ran off with the CEO. At her home, Mehwish answers the telephone but nobody speaks. She tells Shehwar they received a call from the US and he tells her dont answer again if it rings. It does ring again but Mehwish walks away without answering. Danish has come to view an apartment to rent, costing over 1lakh a month which he puts down a deposit. His stock broker calls him and says his investment has paid off, the stock price of Shehwar chemicals has jumped but Danish is not surprised to hear this.

Hania and her friends arrive at a restaurant where she spots Danish alone. Whilst speaking to him, Mehwish arrives with Shehwar but do not notice him sat there. This upsets Danish who asks Hania to sit with him for a few minutes as he does not feel too good, he then leaves without eating. The next day Danish is travelling with his estate agent to a car show room where he purchases a car. Receiving a call from the broker who advises him that share prices are good at the moment so he buys a small amount. Shehwar and Mehwish seem to have finalised getting a nikkah done as she refuses to meet him face to face until the ceremony is done. During a shopping trip she bumps into Anoushey and tells her what has happened during lunch. She is surprised at this and tells her if she knows that Shehwar defrauded his first wife and that the house belongs to her. Not bothered by this, Mehwish says once she arrives from the US it will all be sorted. Getting ready as a bride for the nikkah, there is a knock on the door. Maham (Savera Nadeem) walks in and slaps Mehwish and tells her that she is Shehwar Ahmed wife.

Whilst driving, Danish is thinking about the past with Mehwish from how things used to be to when she said she wanted to leave him. He receives a call from Hania who scolds him for leaving Roomi alone. She says he needs a mother with him and for Danish to marry, he replied that the girl he is talking about is herself Hania so she quickly puts the phone down. Shehwar gets arrested by the anti corruption and police squad, who inform him that the accuser is his wife Maham. He pleads with her to stop this as it is insulting, she replies that it’s only just started. As he is led away Maham goes back to Mehwish who is sat crying. She asks her where is she from and if anything where does she belong right now. Ordering her to gather her stuff and leave Mehwish says she has nowhere to go to which Maham tells Dewan to give her money than she expects and to leave. She tells her she is lucky she wasn’t arrested and that her punishment has already been given, the rest of her sentence will be out on the roads. Telling her that looking at her she is beautiful that she feels sorry for her but at the same time so ugly that she wanted to spit on her face. The driver takes her to the city centre but she asks if he could drop her off at her old apartment, he says even though they have moved out he will. Dewan and Maham discuss the matter, she asks if Mehwish was mistreated by her husband to which he says it appeared that he loved her so much he never raised his voice to her. Maham finds it hard to believe that a woman given so much love would act this way. Mehwish arrives at the apartment carpark and ask the guard to contact Danish, he says he does not no where he is and would not say even if he did. He tells her to leave the area as not many people know what happened as she would lose respect. The next day she meets Roomi at the school gates, she asks why did he not come see her and if his father had stopped him but he says it was his own choice. Asking if she could see him regular, he says maybe come once a month then leaves. The driver informs Danish that a woman come to meet Roomi and he confirms that it was his mother. Mehwish goes to the jail where Shehwar is held but he refuses to meet her as he is worried his wife will have him hung. He tells her to go back to her husband. Mehwish is further upset hearing this and says she agrees with his wife that she is from nowhere and a cheap woman. She calls Salman who feigns ignorance about the whole situation, she cries and says she needs help. He tells her to come to his house later. At their home, Danish meets Roomi who tells him about his mother. He says that she was crying and looked like she wanted to ask for forgivness. Danish is told by Salman that Shehwar has been arrested on fraud charges.

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