Celebrities That Passed Away in 2022

It is true that we grow attachments to certain celebrities like they were our very own and their deaths can leave us shaken and have an everlasting impact on us. Without even realizing it, our hearts mourn for them and we’re left with nothing but good memories of them.  

Every year we lose some of the biggest stars in our industry, but we never learn to get over the shock. Whether you idealize certain politicians, musicians, or actors, all leave the same hollowness when they depart. The connection is lost forever no matter how much we wish we could pick up a Spectrum mobile and contact them, it’s just not possible. This year we lost some of the greatest stars this industry produced.  

Dan Reeves (19th January 1944 – 1st January 2022) 

Daniel Edward Reeves, the NFL legend and American footballer, passed away in his own home in Atlanta due to dementia at age 77. The NFL coach guided some teams to almost four Super Bowls but unfortunately lost them all.

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Joan Copeland (1st June 1922- 4th January 2022) 

The Broadway and soap opera star, Joan Copeland, almost made it to an entire century before passing away because of natural causes, at the age of 99. The actress was the younger sister of the famous playwright, Arthur Miller, and had participated in a few of his plays as well. 

Kim Mi-soo (16th March 1992- 5th January 2022)

Due to unspecified reasons, the South Korean actress and model passed away at the mere age of 29 on January 5. During her lifetime, she was popular for her role in ‘Snowdrop’, a JTBC series, and was also in calls for starting ‘Sixth Sense Kiss’, before she passed away.  

Peter Bogdanovich (30th July 1939- 6th January 2022) 

A critic who later turned into a director and historian, Peter Bogdanovich had many other talents including acting, producing, and writing. Passing away due to natural causes at the age of 82, this celebrity was famously known for his drama, ‘The Last Picture Show’.

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Sidney Poitier (20th February 1927- 6th January 2022) 

Sidney Poitier was an American and Bahamian actor, diplomat, and director, who had bagged an Academy Award. He was famously the first American and Bahamian actor to have won ‘Best Actor’ award at Academy. Poitier passed away from a combination of Alzheimer’s, prostate cancer, and heart failure at age 94. 

Bob Saget (17th May 1956 – 9th January 2022)

The ‘Full House’ actor, Bob Saget was also a stand-up comedian and television host. Famous for his ‘Danny Tanner’ role in Full House, this actor was found dead in the Ritz-Carlton Hotel in his room, due to head trauma, at age 65. 

Andre Leon Talley (16th October 1948 – 18th January 2022) 

The American fashion stylist, journalist, and most importantly Vogue’s editor-at-large and creative director, was a fashion legend and one of the first African-American people for this role. The Durham native passed away after becoming a victim of Covid-19 and a heart attack, at age 73.  

Chris Huvane (29th June 1974- 6th February 2022) 

The management 360 partner who had repped Chadwick Boseman, Margot Robbie, and Robert Qualley, committed suicide after a long battle with depression. 

William Hurt (20th March 1950- 13th March 2022) 

Bagging various awards for ‘Best Actor’ such as BAFTA Award, Academy Award, and Cannes Film Festival Award, this actor passed away peacefully, due to natural causes, among his family. Famously known for his roles in ‘The Hulk’, ‘Robin Hood’, and ‘Goliath’, Hurt died at the age of almost 72 years. 

Taylor Hawkins (17th February 1972- 25th March 2022)

The famous Foo Fighters drummer, Taylor Hawkins was found dead at the age of 50, in a hotel in Columbia. Although the cause of his death is yet to be found, investigations showed there were various drugs found in the room his body was in.

Tom Parker (4th August 1988- 30th March 2022)

Rivals of One Direction, the ‘Wanted’ boy band singer passed away earlier this year due to terminal brain cancer. Leaving behind 2 young children and a wife, Parker even had a reality TV series, ‘The Wanted Life’, before going his solo way after the band’s hiatus.

Kailia Posey (19th April 2006- 1st May 2022)

The 16-year-old ‘Toddlers and Tiaras’ star, Kailia Posey died by suicide on the 1st of May. Leaving behind a suicide note, Posey’s body was found a day after her death.

Ivana Trump (20th February 1949- 14th July 2022)

The first wife of the former president, Donald Trump, Ivana was an American businesswoman, model, socialite, and fashion designer. Ivana was found dead in her New York City home, after reportedly falling down the stairs and injuring her torso, at 73 years of age.  


Even though we’re only halfway through 2022, we’ve seen the passing away of many different celebrities due to various reasons, each leaving a void in the hearts of their families, friends, and fans.